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Hi folks. Like most people I love colour, the way it makes you feel and how it can hypnotise you when it plays with the light. Stained glass is a fabulous way to enjoy colour.

About Me

Joanne Brown

In 2005 I had the opportunity to study stained glass art in the Forest of Dean, UK and I have been hooked on it ever since. Creating objects with stained glass is great fun and very addictive. There are some essential components to it; once you have mastered them it's time to play. I feel very lucky to have found a medium that I love working with and makes me smile when I use it. I hope my creations have the same effect on you.

My Creations

I make small decorative items such as jewelery and trinket boxes, sun-catchers, tea-light holders and garden ornaments using the tiffany method (copper foiling).

I also make freestanding panels and window panels using the traditional leading method.


My inspiration comes from nature; the shapes of trees, their knots and bark, flowers, patterns in puddles after a hard frost, landscapes and of course my own imagination.

I also make freestanding panels and window panels using the traditional leading method.


It pleases me to give new life to things that have been discarded and I use recycled materials whenever possible. I make use of glass bottles, old window glass, jars, glass beads etc. and enjoy turning these everyday objects into something of beauty.


I design and build bespoke window panels, gifts, glass sculptures etc. according to your specification. There are a number of stages to producing a piece in glass and I like to involve the client as much as possible to ensure that the item is personal and of course unique.


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